Kool for spies...for all eyes        
 There once were two girls who were spies. One named Xalies and one named Sabrina O. They were best friends, and always spied together. Together they made a list of what to do when they are out spying.
 Here you can list anything you want about spying.
 They kept this list wherever they went so they know what to do. Their secret code was always 2026.

No one, not even their closest friends knew they were spies, that way if their friends didn't know, they couldn't tell anyone. Sabrina and Xalies always went spying together no matter what happend, (if they were sick or had to do something else). They never really get caught, but when they do, they make a good cover up why they are here.

 What they are supposed to do when they are out spying, is to find out information from someone or get somthing back. They have a calender to help them find out when they have to go somewhere.

 One day Xalies got a call from someone.

  "Help me, help me. I am at the covered bridge. Hurry my brother is hurt!"

  Xalies called Sabrina right away, an they both went off to find them, and fast!

 When they got there no one was there. They looked around, but they couldn't find anyone.
 All of the sudden, a net came around an pulled both of them up into a tree.
 Xalies and Sabrinia couldn't get out of the net. They tried and tried, but the net wouldn't budge! Finally Xalies got a knife out of her pocket and cut herself and Sabrina down. Then they ran to see who that was who set the trap. It was someone dressed in all black.......then there were two.....then three.......then there were more and more, and they all came up to Xalies and Sabrina, then captured them.
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